The Odyssey was written sometime around the 8th century BC and was passed down by oral tradition for many years before being put to paper. This epic poem of over 12,000 lines was the sequel to The Iliad which recounts the events of the Trojan War. The Odyssey follows the various misadventures of Odysseus as he journeys home to Ithaca after the war.

The inspiration for this series came from my Language Arts class last year in which my classmates and I read an abridged version of The Odyssey, often making fun of Odysseus for being both an idiot and an absolute scumbag, hence the first episode title.  I hope you enjoy this little series as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you!

*Disclaimer: This particular take on The Odyssey is a satire. It takes liberties with the original text, which I highly recommend.*

“Sailing from Troy; or Odysseus is a Proud Scumbag”

by Kinsey Kunkel

Preface: Odysseus is “asked” to tell the tale of his travels to Alcinous, king of Phaecia, and begins with his failed venture in piracy on the island of Ismarus.

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