Maturity, Memorization, and Moments (before and after)

Kinsey was born and raised in Georgia just north of the metro Atlanta area. Both her parents are from the midwest and relocated to Georgia, via the East Coast, in the early 90s. Kinsey was not very old, maybe 3 or 4, when it became clear to her parents that she possessed a flair for drama (like many youngsters), which they decided to channel into just that — Drama — not having any idea where it would lead. Kinsey began taking dance classes, piano lessons, and voice/singing lessons, all of which forged her path on the stage. That took a sharp turn when Kinsey, at 9 years old, was cast as an extra in Anchorman II: The Legend Continues, starring Will Ferrell. Her brief scene, filmed at Lake Clara Meer in Piedmont Park, ended up on the cutting room floor. But that didn’t matter because Kinsey was already smitten with the concept of being in front of the camera — imagine that.

An actor friend, who also has children in the business, offered to evaluate Kinsey’s potential acting ability, and then referred her to a local up-and-coming talent agent whom Kinsey signed with in 2014. In November 2020, Kinsey signed with Joy Pervis of J Pervis Talent Agency. In addition, she added Gail Tassell of Tassell Talent Management to her team. Kinsey is excited about the possibilities with this new team in place and is looking forward to a long future together.

Most recently, due to the dreaded “dead zone” of acting (the time period between 15 and 18 where acting roles tend to be offered to 18+-year-olds who can look younger, and thus have fewer restrictions), Kinsey has taken on Screenwriting and Directing. Her first film, In Limbo, a 30-minute short about a man who attempts suicide and gets “schooled” by Death in the form of a sassy, irreverant teen (Kinsey, 14), won’t win any Oscars but is a solid first attempt, and has won awards on the short-film circuit. Her second film, Consequences, which she wrote and directed, is currently in post-production and will hit the film circuit in mid-2020. You can view In Limbo here: https://vimeo.com/298440046

Kinsey, directing, on the set of her most recent short film “Consequences” with DP Clayton Bailey.

Kinsey has attended a hybrid homeschool since 5th grade, which offers a more independent style of study, as well as a flexible schedule for when auditions or filming require her to be absent. As a dual enrolled high school student, she takes all the honors classes offered (a full load) and also takes college-level classes at KSU. In addition, Kinsey is a member of the Fine Arts Academy at the high school. She is also on the HS Yearbook team, an active member of church and youth group, and works a part-time job. Through all of these activities and obligations, Kinsey manages to take private acting lessons with a veteran local actor semi-weekly, and participates in workshops and classes when schedules permit. And yet she maintains a 4.0+ grade point.

Like any actor, Kinsey loves movies. Her Gen X parents introduce her to many of the films popular in the 80s like The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Goonies, American Werewolf in London, Gremlins and so on. But she also likes current films and enjoys going to the theater with her family and friends. She has seen over 150 films and has a list of her Top 100 which she’ll publish on her Blog soon.

Kinsey is an absolute joy in class. I have been working with and training Kinsey for over a year now. Kinsey has an uncanny enthusiasm for the work. She lives and breathes story or script analysis, she has earned the respect of her peers by always cheering them. Her memory is consistently rock solid and the way she conveys her characters is a reflection of her inner soul searching. Kinsey is an old soul whose craft is her way to express and explore her creative spirit. I see so many opportunities coming her way. Or she will simply create them. I look forward to watching Kinsey’s career and I hope to be by her side…cheering her on!” ~Brent Brooks, Former Owner, Blank Stage Acting Studio

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