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Kinsey wrote, cast, produced, and assistant directed her own film “In Limbo.” In the film, she plays the part of Death in the form of a teenager who teaches a young man about choices. Here are a few clips:

Playing the role of Nia Jackson in the teen soap In Our lifetime, was a blast for Kinsey. Nia is a local pop star on the rise who’s interest in a popular boy, Tyler (Javy Barahona), at school has caused some jealous feelings with a friend whom Nia isn’t even aware liked him (Ansley Gunterman).  Here are a couple of scenes from the show which can be viewed on YouTube:

Below is another scene from In Our Lifetime in which Taylor Wright (Kylissa Katalinich) convinces Nia to consider dating Tyler, with ulterior motives on her mind.

When a young teen, Jane, begins to straddle the child/adult world in the short film Spotting, conflicts arise with her mother and other family members in this comedic take on puberty. In these clips, Donnie Shae, Suzanne Hobbs, and Fuller Stoll are the family that help Jane navigate.

Here are scenes from the short film “Molt” in which Kinsey plays the lead role of Cadie Klein. The film is set in the summer in rural North Carolina as four teens explore friendship and loyalty. Directed by Nathalie Álvarez Mesén and produced by Ryan Craver, both MFA students in film directing/screenwriting at Columbia University, the film hit the film festival circuit in 2019.

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This is one of Kinsey’s favorite scenes from very early in her acting career. Stephen Lang (Avatar) plays Increase Mather in this Salem “Dead Birds” episode and strangles Kinsey, who plays a witch taking the form of a child. Her first death scene.