Kinsey is always working on new things such as monologues, stories, screenplays, or just fun stuff she gets ideas about. Here are some of the random videos she has put together.

Kinsey plays Beth March who is ill and knows that death is near. She and her scene partner, Annalee Amour (Jo) won the Bronze medal for this scene in Duo Theater at the Christians in Theater Arts Secondary Theater festival.
Kinsey is Monsieur Gillenormand, the grandfather of Marius, who is lamenting his grandson’s apparent death. From the book Les Miserables, which Kinsey has read, not from the opera.
Kinsey likes to write constructive languages, or con langs. This one is a traditional Sha’i battle blessing for Dorvandi warriors. Translation: “The Desert Mother smiles upon us. Brothers, look to the sky to see the light of her beauty and know that you are mighty, mighty as the sun. Take up your swords and fight. For the desert sun, my friends.”