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Recent News 2018-2019

  • BOOKED! Kinsey was cast in the role of “Beth March” for the ACTS Drama Troupe Fall play “Little Women.”
  • Kinsey had the privilege of being a first-time director for the filming of her second short film, “Consequences.” She worked with a very talented camera and sound crew. The film was produced by her good friend and mentor, Aaron Hobson, and Cristen Azure, both of Tie Ribbon Productions. Consequences is a compelling story of two teen runaways who come across a stranger on their journey.
  • BOOKED! Kinsey plays Maggie in the 48-Hour Film Festival Atlanta short film “Diamond Eyes.” The film was awarded BEST ENSEMBLE CAST at the festival awards program.
  • BOOKED! Kinsey will play Peter Pan in the latest offering “Peter Pan Junior” from ACTS Drama Troupe.
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  • Kinsey’s short film “In Limbo” has won Honorable Mention for Best Young Filmmaker in the Independent Shorts Awards, Los Angeles. In addition, the film won a Bronze Award for Best Special Effects.
  • Kinsey’s short film “In Limbo” won Best 18 and Under Film at the Olympus Film Festival. It will screen in July at the festival and be judged for overall winner.
  • BOOKED! Kinsey will play the role of Dezi in the short film “One Shot.” The film is loosely based on The Darkest Minds about a group of kids who survive a disease and gain supernatural powers. The film will be released on YouTube and at various short film festivals.
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  • BOOKED! Kinsey is excited to announce that she booked the role of Kaley in a short film titled “Summer of ’19” written and directed by Aaron Hobson. The film is set around three teenagers who spend the last day of summer on a quest to challenge their personal obstacles. Information about the film can be found at the following link:
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  • FUNDED! Kinsey wrote her first short film that has been fully funded and is set to film in June. She has cast, and will assistant direct and co-star in her film In Limbo about a man who makes a drastic decision about his life, only to have a change of heart before it’s too late. Kinsey will play “Death” in the guise of a sassy, persuasive, goth teenager with a flare for comedic moments in serious situations. Her wise counsel will change a life. Look for it to premier in film festivals this year.
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  • BOOKED! Kinsey is excited to announce that she will be an important part of a national presentation to middle school kids attending the Christ in Youth organization’s summer conference called MIX. Kinsey will be “Fiona” in a 3-part short film called Batteries that will be broadcast in 22 cities during the camp with an important message about accepting Christ in a young person’s life. After summer, it will be available to view on YouTube.
  • BOOKED! Kinsey booked a short film titled Thin Walls written and directed by students of the SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) film school. Kinsey will play the role of “Briana,” a teenager who is directly involved in an unfortunate incident at school.
  • BOOKED! Look for Kinsey in an upcoming episode of Murder Comes to Town as a witness to a crime. “Murder Comes to Town” is a real-life crime drama that depicts the shocking murder mysteries that haunt small town America. It can be seen on Investigation Discovery. Kinsey will be featured in episode 507 to air in 2018.
  • BOOKED! Kinsey booked the role of Olivia Mitchell in the play Teentown written and directed by Georgia Tanner (Your Worst Nightmare, Swamp Murders). Teentown is the story of a 13-year old girl, Olivia Mitchell, who has lost her entire family in a car accident. Her struggles to overcome grief and guilt open the door into the office of a teen therapist, where we are introduced to the confusion and conflicts that young girls are confronted with every day as they attempt to find worth and value in our disposable culture. All proceeds for this event go to Home of Hope. The event is sponsored by
  • BOOKED! Kinsey booked the role of Beth Bradley/Narrator in the The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, a  hilarious Christmas tale about a church Christmas pageant hijacked by the most inventively awful kids in history. The play is adapted from a best selling book. It will be presented by ACTS Drama Troupe in December.
  • BOOKED! Kinsey was cast as Nia Jackson, local teen pop star, in the teen drama In Our Lifetime, written and directed by Tari Robinson, T & T Management and Production. In Our Lifetime centers on a group of teens at a local school and the issues they are dealing with: drugs, jealousy, underage drinking, friendship betrayal, etc. The drama currently airs on YouTube but may be seen on a cable channel soon. Watch it here:
  • BOOKED! Kinsey booked the lead role of Jane in the short film Spotting, a comedic take on the trials and tribulations a teen girl experiences in becoming a woman. The film is written and directed by Katie Parisi and produced by Mason Boudreau, CEO of Gradient Pictures.